Increasing Our Owners’ Capabilities and Competitiveness

About Us

Our Business Units are constantly developing innovative
products programs services
to ensure we are adding value to your business.

To Increase our owners’ capabilities and competitiveness

We believe the growers of tomorrow and the communities our Owners operate in are much better served by locally controlled ag retailers who respond to local market trends and reinvest locally. We also believe we (US) can contribute greatly to our Owners’ ability to succeed.

Deliver a meaningful ownership model and share our profit, assist Owners with farm gate influence, increase our Owners ability to source products competitively and challenge our Owners and employees to continuously learn and improve.

Deliver a meaningful Ownership model and share our profit

  • Ownership in United Suppliers should be valuable and rewarding. We will be good stewards of our Owners’ investment, provide industry leading dividends, encourage commitment/collaboration and maintain a representative board of directors.

Assist Owners with farm gate influence

  • Influence at the farm gate is our Owners’ primary sustainable differentiator. We will develop unique products, negotiate exclusive positions and assist our Owners with demand creation through sales, marketing and technology support tools.

Increase our Owners ability to source products competitively

  • Maintaining a competitive position must go beyond leveraging the manufacturer. We will maintain industry-leading operational efficiencies and low overhead while providing transparent market intelligence and advocating for our Owners at the manufacturer level.

Challenge our Owners and employees to continuously learn and improve

  • The competition will not stand still. We will create an environment that is receptive to being challenged, attracts the best people and empowers them to employ new skills, ideas and initiatives.

With a high level of accountability, responsiveness and collaboration

  • Accountability – The obligation to account for activities, accept responsibility and measure and disclose results
  • Responsiveness – The commitment to react quickly and positively
  • Collaboration – The ability to work together transparently, especially in a joint intellectual effort

Questions to Ask Yourself When Making Decisions


What is my distributor's future growth strategy, and how might that impact my business?


When my distributor makes a profit, who benefits?


What are my distributors doing to help me differentiate myself from the competition?


What resources does my distributor bring to the table to help me be more successful?

Market Intelligence

Is my distributor providing me market intelligence to help me make more informed purchasing decisions?


Is my distributor reliable and competitively priced?


For The Retailer

United Suppliers was specifically created to benefit you, the retail dealer. When you purchase from United Suppliers you do more than merely buy from “one more” supplier. You are making your dealership more viable by back-integrating into a manufacturing, marketing and distribution organization. By becoming an Owner, you purchase products from your own company and build net worth with your share of United Suppliers’ profits.

United Suppliers was established in 1963 by 30 Iowa retailers joining forces to manufacture feed.