Increasing Our Owners’ Capabilities and Competitiveness
Increasing Our Owners’ Capabilities and Competitiveness

Crop Nutrients


United Supplier's Crop Nutrients Business Unit has grown substantially over the past decade and today sells more than three million tons of macro-nutrients, starters, and innovative performance brands each year. Additionally, to ensure Owners have the right product in the right place at the right time, we operate seven owned and 17 leased terminals and provide logistical solutions through our premier transportation service, Transportation Express (TEX).

Through these services and our Alignment Series program, which provides real-time market intelligence, customized marketing assistance, and reliable access to the global supply, we strive to maximize our Owners’ capabilities and give them a competitive edge at the farm gate with all crop nutrient products.


Through the Alignment Series, we offer Owners customized solutions that allow them to support United Suppliers as their crop nutrients supplier of choice while remaining the leader in their local marketplace.

One Message

United Suppliers provides transparent, real-time market intelligence – including product pricing, industry news, and purchasing recommendations – that enables Owners to make informed purchasing decisions in an evolving global market.


By offering customized marketing assistance and sales training for performance brand products, United Suppliers helps Owners differentiate their product offerings and serve as innovators in their local markets.


United Suppliers offers access to a premier fertilizer transportation service with a centralized dispatching centre, ensuring Owners have the right product in the right place at the right time.