Increasing Our Owners’ Capabilities and Competitiveness

Total Acre

Our Field Trial Initiative

Total Acre is USC’s field trial initiative, and is one of the most comprehensive retail field trial programs in Western Canada. Total Acre lets our Owners and farm customers validate and see firsthand how products and technologies perform in local fields and conditions. It is part of our ongoing commitment to our customers to ensure the products we recommend suit local conditions and situations.

The Total Acre Standard

The foundation for Total Acre is called the “Total Acre Standard” - a document that sets a standard for all field trials within the USC Community. The Total Acre Standard was developed by a group of advisors within the Community and its purpose is to provide a comprehensive standard to which all field trials are held. Minimum requirements and best practices will ensure that all field trial data generated by any USC Owner is recognized by our farm customers and industry partners as being of the highest quality. This will result from the consistency in trial setup, execution, and data collection and reporting. Individual USC Owners will still have the flexibility to test the products that they feel are important to their growers, but the Total Acre Standard will better equip them to do so.